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HHP Community for Change

In 2020, HHPc4c was organized to make the case for removing the word plantation from our community’s name. It seemed like it was an idea whose time had come. Communities on the island had been dropping plantation from their names since the 1990s. But at the end of 2020, only HHP had stubbornly refused to move forward and is now the last plantation on Hilton Head. Our organization continues to work to make the inevitable happen now. It is very important to all of us that HHP is a community that demonstrates respect for all people equally. 

A Little History

All the Communities on Hilton Head were originally called plantations starting with Sea Pines Plantation. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was a marketing tactic to evoke a gracious, leisurely, lifestyle to prospective northern buyers. But by the 1990s that marketing ploy was losing its luster. Sea Pines was the first to drop plantation from their name in 1993. Cliff Charnes, then-president of Sea Pines Co., told the newspaper at the time. "On the negative side, if the word is offensive to a large number segment of the island population that connects the word with slavery and something ugly, we didn't see any need to keep it and possibly offend guests, visitors or our own employees."

What Happened in 2020

In 2020 the HHP POA Board approved a survey to measure interest in a name change. Unfortunately, the process was less than even-handed. The General Manager repeatedly made false and misleading comments and important cost information was withheld. Even with the scales tipped against us, 47% of the respondents were interested in pursuing the name change. Despite the very close vote, the plan for a second survey and the release of the estimated cost was immediately scuttled and no actual cost information was ever given. In addition, we were told that the Board would no longer talk publicly about a name change “on advice from our attorney.” 

What We Are Doing Now

Well, we are not going to stop talking about it. In reality, the Board does not need homeowner approval to change our name. It is in their power to do it whenever they want because it is a simple change in marketing. That is why we are working to find POA Board candidates who share our values by vetting the board nominees before the election. We maintain a substantial email list of residents and send them our candidate recommendations every year.

We are completely non-partisan and are only concerned with the POA Board elections.

How You Can Help

  • Join Our Mailing List - If you are not already receiving emails from HHPCommunity for Change, please fill out the Contact form below. That will allow us to send an email when we are mobilizing on a specific issue like recommendations on new Board members.

  • Help Us Grow Our Email List - Ask your friends and neighbors, particularly new neighbors, if they are on our mailing list. If they are not, send them the link to our website and ask them to sign up. 

  • Vote - Vote for Board members who are open to a pragmatic review of the name change.

Join Our Mailing List

Please complete this form if you are an HHP resident and would like to be added to our mailing list. We will only contact you to inform you about the POA elections and the name change.

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