We believe the time has come to replace the word plantation in the name of our community. It is very important to all of us that HHP is a community that demonstrates respect for all people equally. We respect the opinion of those who think this change is unnecessary. There are both pragmatic and principled reasons for seeking a change. We would ask those who disagree to examine our reasoning and consider what is best for all of us as property owners. We believe there are thousands in our community who are in favor of this change. We hope you will join us.

In the 1990's Sea Pines removed the word plantation from their brand and many others have followed. With an effective plan, the expense of the name change can be minimized.

Plantations in the south were not places of a gracious, leisurely lifestyle to the enslaved people who lived there. It is time to recognize all of our history.

You can read all our email communication with the POA Board here.   

Hear the voices of your neighbors and local clergy. Follow current media coverage of this issue.


We are the Organizing Team for HHP Community for Change. We are all residents of HHP. We have been residents of HHP for between 1 and 19 years. We have no affiliation with any other organization locally or nationally. All of our supporters are HHP residents and all pledges come from HHP residents. We organized to give voice to all the HHP residents who think it is time for a more appropriate name for our community and a POA Board that is respectful and representative of all our residents. We intend to lobby the POA Board to make a change for the better.