HHP Community for Change began as a group narrowly focused on one goal, replacing the word plantation in our community's name. In that process, we discovered a larger issue. Once elected, the POA Board has free reign to do as they like and keep homeowners in the dark.

Our committee was stunned that there was no serious effort to evaluate the cost/benefit of a name change when all the other communities on the island had seen the wisdom of such a change. The HHP Board refused to talk to us virtually or otherwise. Rules regarding the survey were changed midstream. Regardless of how you feel about changing the HHP name, all homeowners are entitled to a fair hearing and an unbiased examination of the facts. If the Board can treat one group with impunity, they can treat all groups with impunity.

We have identified several opportunities to create a more responsive, and inclusive POA based on the best practices from community association experts and the practices of other local communities. We hope you will support our effort. Here is how you can help.

All the members of the HHP Community for Change are residents of HHP.